Sail Muertos-La Ventana and more! MOVIE


First a little clip, this is what happened when we motored out of the anchorage!

Little Manta’s jumping all over the place. They are so fast, it’s hard to get it on camera, lots of times they jump only 2 times. But I got lucky that day!


Before heading out of the anchorage, we had cleaned the hull of the boat. The water is so clear in Muertos, I usually do the top part and the Captain dives further down. Trying to keep up with it, the growth is insane sometime in the warm waters.

There wasn’t a lot of wind and the sail went by like a chewing gum. It took FOREVER, sometimes we just drifted around in 1.5 knots and I just wanted to scream “TURN THE MOTOR ON”!

But, I kept my mouth shut and was glad when we finally arrived at…. my happy place “LA VENTANA”! 🙂 Again, and again, and again.


We went for a swim and than rowed over to Palapas Ventana, it was nice to see Tim and his wife again and they even have a nice German waitress, who was super accommodating. We got some ice from them and were able to stock up on eggs.


Dinghy “donkey”


We stayed the next day too and I really enjoyed it. We walked over to Baja Joes, had a big Margarita and made it to the fantastic restaurant “Marlin Azul” for an early dinner.


At the little store from Pablo where we bought some provisioning, we talked to this nice guy and he was so nice to give us a lift back to Palapas.


The next morning before we continued our journey, Tim and his wife Jimena came over on there SUP’s with there dogs to check out Alsager.


La Ventana never disappoints. 🙂

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