San Evaristo


We woke up early to the anchor alarm. The boat had shifted, it wasn’t 7am just yet. We were up a few times at night, as a strong westerly was blowing over the anchorage. We left the anchorage while Mats was still sleeping to use the favorable south wind, which was blowing when we woke up, to head to the little fishing village San Evaristo. S/V Fantasy and soon after also S/V Isabella and The Answer followed. We had about 15 min when suddenly the south wind died off. We started he motor and half an hour later a northerly started quite strong.

We made it into the anchorage, looked for a good protective spot, but re-anchored to one which had more room all around. After a little rest, we went to shore and walked around a bit. We found a small store inside a family house, where we were able to pick up some groceries. The teenage boy in the store spoke English very well and told us about a restaurant by the beach. We decided to check it out and it was a super cute little Palapa, decorated with shells everywhere. Someone had put a lot of love in this little place. They had cold beers and we let our buddy boats know as well. They all arrived soon after, we moved a few tables together so that everyone gets a seat and had again, a nice afternoon/evening.


At the end we even scored some ice for our fridge.

We stayed another day and now I woke up with a sore throat and felt a bit tired. But nothing major. We walked around to find some goats and found a salt farm, cows and donkeys.

We wanted to go to the cute restaurant again, but it is closed on the weekends, the teenage boy from the store told us. We bought some fresh potatoes and other veggies instead and I started making a stew. Our buddy boats had also planned to head back to the restaurant. We invited SV Isabella to return the dinner favor, but ended up with the stew on their large boat instead. Fantasy and also the Answer joined with drinks in their hands a little later and we had again, a lovely evening together. 🙂


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