San Marte


We all had a restful night and I felt much better! After a Pancake and egg breakfast, we cleaned the boat a bit and left with our buddy boats towards the next destination. They wanted to stop 4 miles south of Aqua Verde, as it was supposed to be great for diving. We did not mind and just enjoyed having friends around. There was no wind, so we had to motor and again, we did not catch any fish. Nobody did. That seems worrisome! Have they all been caught? Are the schools of dolphins eating them all? Or did they get too smart to get caught?


After we anchored, Nick, Andrea and Pari from Fantasy came for a visit and swam around. We had seen a lot of dolphins on the way and now they were quite close by the shore. Andrea and Pari paddled closer on their SUP and the dolphins swam really close by them. One of them dove up right next to their board for a quick peek, but they only heard a splash and did not get a glimpse of it, but it scared the hell out of them…

It seems that the sea life is improving, the further we head up north. Just not the fishing. But we have been seeing a ton of dolphins, Manta’s, Whales.


Mats was so tired in the afternoon, that I read him a book and told him to close his eyes. 30 seconds later he slept and did not wake up before dark. We had a quick dinner and had the first movie night in ages. Shane had given us some movies to watch and we picked Jumanji. It was a very enjoyable day!

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