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And an almost perfect Sail Day!

  • After we had a short break in Long Beach and waited out some strong winds and nasty water with short lived swells, we continued our journey towards San Diego. We could have even stayed a few more days to wait for a calmer weather window, but we all agreed that it would be nicer to be able to set sail, instead of motoring and there was still some good wind out there.
  • And we were lucky. It had been by far the best sailing day. Still waves, but way further apart and the wind was steady. Everyone got time to relax and we made some Mac & Cheese for lunch and had a beer. Lots more smiles this day and even jokes. When you have a day like this, it is hard to imagine how strenuous it had been the other days. I tried to do some Yoga, which did not work out so well. 😉
  • We made some really good progress and when the sun set, the Captain yelled “GO TIME”! We had a fish on the hook. He started wheeling it in and Kruiser grabbed the fishing net. It was a good size fish, a Bonito, meat is not that good, so we released him into the free and had some sandwiches instead for dinner. Good Karma for future fish?
  • We will find out soon!

Right now we have some lay days in San Diego. Stocking up and enjoying beautiful Mission Bay.

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