VIVA MEXICO! We shall see you soon!


The days in San Diego just flew by. We first stayed in a Marina by Mission Bay for 2 days and enjoyed the Extreme Sailing Series and Foil Kite races. We were able to hang out with some of our friends from Sausalito who managed or participated in the race and it was really special to see them. It made me feel a little homesick.

We than found an awesome anchorage which was protected from all sides. The Captain and Kruiser got to surf quite a bit, I SUP’ed and Mats played at nearby playgrounds and snorkeled in the clear water. We all definitely had some time to kick back. Especially me on our wedding anniversary day, when I got treated to a spa day from the Captain, that was awesome! ❤️

My plan was to prepare a few youtube movies about the time from our sail so far, but my 7yr old Apple computer decided different. It had been pretty slow for quite a while, but it served me well and I just feel attached to things which don’t come around so easy. Our Kruiser on board has the same product and told me that upgrading the RAM would make a big difference. Especially when iMovie started to show flaws, the voice would cut out and it was just a pain, it was time to take action.

I found this computer geek store and unfortunately the hard drive needed to be replaced. I decided to put more $$$ in for a better version and than the whole backup must have shown problems, so it took 3 days to get my computer back.

So here we are, leaving San Diego towards Mexico tomorrow and I only have a little clip ready from our first 2 days sail. Until Cabo, we will probably not have Wifi.

BUT, we have also purchased an inreach. garmin, which tracks where we are, whenever the phone is turned on. Here is the link:


And here our little video clip. VIVA MEXICO! HERE WE COME!





One thought on “VIVA MEXICO! We shall see you soon!”

  1. Hi to the Mexico crew, thanks for keeping us updated. have a save trip and nice journey.
    Regards from misty and rainy Hamburg
    Did you meet some ghosts last night at halloween ?


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