The night before, lying in bed…


It’s the night before we are heading out to Mexico. Thousand thoughts are going through my head, while the sea lions are barking outside. Not kidding!  Last night I woke up at 5am, I dreamed we went shopping at Trader Joe’s the day before departure and we forgot a ton. What’s up with that? No bigger problems out there for us? Distracting myself? (scratching my head)

And today, we REALLY went to Trader Joe’s.  I realized, shit, I forgot the Mac & Cheese ! Oh my gosh, no Mac & Cheese, how will my 3 year old react? Toddlers just LOVE Mac & Cheese. It’s a safe bet! Thank good, I did not forget the Pancake Mix and the Captain grabbed the Maple Syrup! Yeah, Mr. Canadian, you better! 😀

I am lying in bed and know, we don’t have enough beer. I NEED beer. But, I guess, that is the risk you take and then, you just make it work. It was pretty chaotic. We had some kind of shopping list, but then all marched around inside the store with our little man left and right, and just grabbed what seemed like a good idea. Well, let me rephrase that, I DID EXACTLY THAT. The men were way more mellow about it. Beer? Well, let’s grab two 6 packs and 2 bottles of Vodka and 1 bottle of Rum. That should get us by for a bit and we don’t have much room in the fridge, which needs ice. Well yeah, I understand… but…  😦

Kruiser also realized, I had gone into the store without having breakfast and was way hungry. Not a good idea. But you know what? For some reason I don’t believe, things will go to waste. Come on, Kruiser, you are 6 ‘8, you need your fuel! We haven’t caught the fish just yet…  We  had just stored away our groceries and he was the first to dig into the fridge and we hadn’t even left yet!  (He was the 2nd, I was first to grab one of those valuable beers, just in case…. ) . 😀

We also had a big helper along the way, Kruiser’s friend Ross, a super nice guy, gave us a lift from the Marina to the supermarkets and several stops inbetween. THANK YOU MUCH!

Whoever is sailing out there and depends on transportation on shore, knows, how helpful it is to have someone who just stops and offers a ride. It is greatly appreciated! In return, come and sail with us, when we have room, or just visit. We would love it and it will be an adventure for you.

Right now though… let’s get there first. Or, how do they like to say?


Papa, we would love to have you come visit. And Mom, I know you rather wait, until we can manage to come see you in Germany, and that’s ok too.

Love to all of you!

We are traveling under Canadian Flag, with the curtesy Mexican flag in our rig.

Just because… !

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