Sailboat ends up on reef in Mexico-updated


It saddened us to see this sailboat on the reef at Punta Mita, where we are anchored right now. We don’t know what happened yet, but will update the post as soon as we know more. See below

From some fellow cruisers who checked out the scene from shore we learned, that they ran into the owner who had single handed the boat and seemed to be fine except a black eye. However, he did go to a hospital to get treated for face injury. Hope he recovers quickly.

It appears salvage is unlikely, we wish him the best of luck, unfortunately building swell won’t make it easier.

A source says that the vessels name is Maluhia of Ventura, California. She is a 1992 Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37, designed by William Crealock.

The owner supposingly was sailing from La Cruz and misjudged when he approached a rather unusual anchorage west of Punta Mita. Insurance is on site and will do an assessment.

We checked on the sailboat again Thursday morning. High tide and big swell. People on scene, probably from insurance company. Also heard, that the boat was under new ownership for only a week. 😦 His little cruise out to sea to check on some new installed updates, not far from it getting dark, ended in lots of trouble.


Sailboat is now totally stripped but still on the reef. We heard, that the resort did not want any vehicles on the property to access and help. This was confirmed today, February 8th.

ACCESS… That has been our biggest issue and a reliable Tractor. I was out again today and it didn’t go well. All sed we will re-float her next week… Repairs are under way.

Great getting this Info. Being owners of a sailboat ourselves, it is not easy to look at.


5 thoughts on “Sailboat ends up on reef in Mexico-updated”

  1. Just anchored in Punta de Mita and sad to say the vessel is still on the reef. A lesser craft would have been pounded to pieces by now. Such a shame, a little co-operation from owners on shore may have made salvage possible.


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