What to do next?


After our friend and crew Kruiser left, we were a little bit in idle to what we wanted to do and could do from here on. We were just standing still for a while. We had been lucky with weather and conditions, except that time in the Cabo anchorage, but sailing has not been intimidating. Maybe it is also a little calmer in Mexico during the winter months. Looking at other couples with kids, they manage to cruise too. I look up to them, especially having more than one kid. It is not easy on the relationship, being together 24h every day and when following “orders” from the Captain, who is also your husband, should not be questioned. Tough sometimes, not taking things personal. Staying on eye level and making sure, everyone stays happy.

There was always a chance, that we end up with just the Family aboard. I know, that I will have to step up my sailing game to help the Captain. Most times it was me at the steering wheel, when there were tasks to do which meant, leaving the safe cockpit. Given the fact I could “hide” as there WAS strong Kruiser to help, I did not learn as much as I could have. I was also the one to attend to Mats needs, so he will have to be more patient too.

But I think it can work, taking our time to make sure we will have a good weather window, not rushing anywhere and being more understanding and patient with another. Using the halyard uplift for heavier tasks, as Kruiser’s strong arm is not around anymore. It was insane, how he just lifted the dinghy motor on and of without a blink! 🙂

We will probably have to work more with the Autopilot. In swell, this can be tricky.

I am a person who lives in positive (or blue eyed, how we like to say it in Germany) outlook ,that nothing bad can happen to us. It might be because my Dad would always send a guardian angel our way and made me strongly believe in it. And I also see the Captain have similar little souvenirs laying around the boat. 🙂