The HaulOut! – Movie!


The Captain managed to get a haulout already scheduled the next day in La Cruz. Since he had found the leak, he was able to temporarily stop it with the help of the diver. Since all stayed dry overnight, we felt safe to motor to La Cruz from Paradise Village. The Shipyard was on time and gave a good first impression.





The workers went straight ahead and started to prepare the boat for welding, bottom and top sides. The top sides had so many air bubbles under the black paint from a shitty job at the previous haulout, that they all needed to be smoothed out.


Oil coming out of the keel? Another problem!


That was the leak after some serious hammering to clearify the weak spot.


Here you can see the temporary fix with the patty.


Marking how big the welding plate has to be. Being WAY more generous than the shipyard in the US last time.