Punta Mita


We did not know much of Punta Mita, but we knew, that surf wise the time was good for the Captain to possibly catch some waves. Chacala sounded promising as well and we stayed longer, but the break wasn’t good whenever the captain checked.

We did not have any wind to sail, but still decided to make our way over there motoring, before the swell would pass. And we were pretty surprised to find a quite developed place, our friends from the Sailboat SUR call it little Palo Alto.



Pretty nice having the line up right behind your boat!

On most days we were able to get to shore without a problem, and the Captain was able to pick from 3 or 4 different breaks, he was happier from day to day. And we also got to hang out with like wise cruising folks, who love surfing. French Canadians and also Americans, which we ran into several times now along the way. It’s fun when the kids can play together!


On two days Mats and myself were stuck on the boat. The swell was just too big and we did not want to risk anything. Learned the lesson!


On the picture below you see the entrance where we usually took the dinghy to get to shore. Not so sure what the Kayak there was having in plan…


A Sailboat ended up on the reef at night on those days. You can read some of it

HERE, very sad, but luckily nobody got seriously hurt.