Noooo good news! – MOVIE!


So, what happened? We left Punta Mita as our water supply was getting low. Paradise Village is known to be a safe and good Marina with drinking water, so we decided to make our way over there, after the Surf swell had almost passed. We enjoyed seeing lots of whales along the way, didn’t have much wind at the start, but than it filled in nicely.

We arrived in Paradise Village just passed 3 and realized that the office was closed and also no slips available. We found a spot close to the Yacht Club and Paradise Village was able to accommodate us for a few days. We got lucky this time.

The Captain started right away to get to work, cleaning the deck and filling up the water tanks, as we weren’t sure at that time, if we would be able to stay yet. Mats and myself checked out the surroundings, the Zoo and the Pools and we finished off the day with a fantastic dinner at Il Pescatore, celebrating our arrival in Puerte Vallarta with a bottle of wine and great food. PV was our planned destination and we made it! Crazy to see, how fast we could have done that in a plane, LOL.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 11.26.38 PM

While I was keeping Mats busy and catching up on our website the next day, the Captain had asked a diver to come by to clean the bottom for our ongoing trip. We had decided to go a little further south to Barra de Navididad, as we had heard great things about it. When I came back to the boat with Mats, I found CHAOS: