After the Captain returned-MOVIE


Mats and I prepared the boat for the Captains return thoroughly. The boat was washed, Laundry done, lots of provisions filled and a Birthday table ready for him. When he entered, he was so excited of his return, that all he wanted to do was gifting US.

Finally we had exchanged all our gifts, he had a nice Schnitzel dinner and lots of talking. He was ready to Rock ‘n Roll, not as I expected needing some rest after the delivery and not being able to get a lot of sleep.

We basically only had one day to prepare, as the weather looked good to continue and leave the Marina. It was ideal, that I tried to prepare already most of it, beforehand, just in case. We had a nice dinner, celebrated Evan’s Birthday Pinata and Mats and some other kids had fun beating some candy out of it.

Early in the morning before the wind picked up, we went to the fuel dock to fill up our tanks. I went to grab an ice block and some last groceries I could think off. Had a last fresh water shower until who knows and checked out at 11:30am. Mats had a play with his buddy Charlie and right when we left, the wind picked up big time.

To get a peak of that sail from La Cruz Marina to our first stop Punta Mita, check out the clip below. We had a big scare along the way, as we all off a sudden heard a whale sound. When I jumped up to look at the Starboard side, I saw a big boil in the water, he just made it diving away before us hitting it, probably while he was sleeping right below the water surface. 😦 

We made it to Punta Mita around 6:15pm, cooked some Pasta and checked the weather. We were planning to continue to Chacala the next morning, about 33 NM.

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