Punta Mita onto Chacala


We motored out of Punta Mita at 7:30am with the sunrise. The captain felt even more comfortable steering around the reef, since he had just done that path with Chim Chim on the delivery. The Shipwreck was still visible after all those months and gave me a shiver just imagining…

The water was like a mirror for many hours and we saw so much sea life. I could not stop looking and spotting yellow/black striped sea snakes, jelly fish, bigger fish, whales, many turtles which looked like logs floating. All off a sudden we saw some fins floating in the water and we are guessing, it could have been some Marlins floating. Evan saw a big shark when Mats and I were in the cabin.

The wind picked up around noon as forecasted. When we were 5 miles away from Chacala, we were slowly drifting  through the water with only 3 knots and when we finally arrived, I was ready to finish the hot sail. Schools of fish greeted us, but we had already wheeled our fishing lines in and went for Pizza to shore.

Lea Scotia arrived just when we went to shore and joined us soon later.

We stayed a few days in Chacala, before continuing to San Blas.




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