Preparing for the crossing – Movie!


On a cloudy day in the Muertos anchorage, we prepared for the crossing of Sea de Cortez. Some things up the mast needed attention, a lightbulb replaced and chafe protection reattached.  I decided to give it a try, I had never climbed up a mast or anything that high before. I guess I felt brave that day. 🙂 See for yourself!

It was certainly not easy to sit in that chair and let your hands go! I tried to clamp my legs around the mast for a little piece of mind. I did need both hands to pull tight those zip ties, believe me, I tried with one hand first, LOL. But I did it! Fixed the issues and was let down, proud of myself and I think the Captain was even more.


During that time, Kruiser was cleaning the bottom of the boat. Due to warmer temperatures of the waters in Mexico, it does not take long for Kraut to grow on the bottom. Algae and barnacles etc. He had to work quite hard, to get everything off, a big job.


The next clip includes our little Christmas celebration at the resort in Muertos, for our little man. It was a cute time for us and I wanted to keep it especially for our personal memories. We are always missing our Families back in Germany and Canada, on holidays even more!

Last but not least, I think this was the prettiest boat we have seen so far!


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