Crossing Sea de Cortez! Day 1 – Movie


We had moved from La Ventana to Island Cerralvo on January 1st, to get a good start crossing Sea de Cortez the next day. I was feeling pretty shitty that day, someone had left a bottle of Champagne in our dinghy and of course we could not help ourselves but to open it on our way back to the sailboat after the New Years Eve Party.  🙂 But the Event was really fun with some great dance tunes, I had a blast.

The 3 men on board let me be in my misery and had a nice sail to the island. Later in the day after I jumped in the water, I felt better and we enjoyed another bonfire, fresh grouper which Kruiser had caught Spearfishing and rice on the beach.

The Captain went to shore one last time with the dog in the morning, than we packed up the dinghy and left Cerralvo at 8:30 am. We had plenty of wind to sail and what kept us busy all day and night was the SWELL. I tried to capture it in the clip you find below.

Great seeing so much support lately from more and more people, thank you all for pushing us forward! 🙂




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