Isla Isabel – insane experience – Movie 2


This is what I wrote in my diary that day:

What a magical place – Bird Island. Whales all around, Manta Rays jumping out of the water, flapping there wings before slapping back down with a loud sound into the water. Fish on mass. Never came that close to nesting or other free birds before.They showed no fear! Watched the birds (blue footed boobies, Frigates) from a short distance, as they were really right at beach close to water or in the trees close to it. Hermit crabs everywhere, so funny to watch them, also geckos. Went snorkeling, awesome to snorkel as there are volcanic rock formations under water.

See for yourselve!

And some pics not to be missed. I truely felt like being in a documentary. I found a well written webpage with facts about this gorgeous island under this link where it’s called the Mexico’s Galapagos! Thank you for watching and hopefully smiling seeing it, even through it is just through my camera lense! 🙂


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