CHARMING Chacala + Movie

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.35.12 AM

The town which started out with a nightmare, turned out to be very charming. Not a single house overlapped the highest trees, in tune with nature, except the tower.


In the morning after our dinghy accident, you can read about it HERE, and before bringing Kruiser to shore with all his belongings, or whatever he was able to carry, the Captain went to check out the shore again and talked to a few people in the anchorage. This way he found out, that there was a cute little cove, right next to the beach, with basically NO SWELL! Oh my gosh, silly us.


A short dinghy ride away, we also found this amazing little beach, with way less stingrays than we had seen at the beach in Chacala, so better place for the little guy to play. For the first time we got out that drone for some fun, the Captain jumped like Tarzan from the boat and I got a dreamy Chill out Hammock Chair, maybe I get a chance to find some time to read in it. If not much on this trip, than for sure on our Power boat back home! 🙂




Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.35.12 AMimage1

We enjoyed Chacala and having some Family time!

But, where do we go from here? Can we manage on our own?

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