San Blas – nice surprise!


Due to everyone saying, that the Mosquito’s were insane in San Blas, we tried to avoid that place on our way down south. After talking to some cruising friends who really like San Blas and said it wasn’t that bad with the insects, we wanted to give it a try.

We had a nice sail, only tacked 2 times from Chamela, had a big Jack fish on the line but decided it was too big for us and let it go. Mats even had a good sleep on my lap while we were sitting by the bow.


We headed into Matanchen Bay around 5pm to be a little away from shore and immediately put up our Mosquito Nettings and closed up the boats. As soon as the sunset, you could tell those little beasts were coming to find you. The next morning we set up our dinghy and talked to some Powerboat owners next to us, trying to find out, where the best spot would be to get ashore. They mentioned, that it wasn’t that far to the dinghy dock and the Marina and we decided since it was still early in the day, to check it our. It took about 35 minutes to get there. Here are some pics along the ride.



We even saw our friends boat on the hard, he had left there about 2 months ago. All looks good, Robbie!


The walk towards the town wasn’t pretty. Lots of trash laying around everywhere. I almost decided, that I didn’t like San Blas.


But than we got closer to town and it changed. The little town is actually quite nice, boutique hotels and a cute Plaza.


After we walked around a little, we seriously walked into a restaurant called “Mac Donald” and I felt a little ashamed. The food wasn’t great and the Wifi either.

Back in the anchorage, our friends from Lea Scotia had made it to San Blas as well and Mats and I rowed over to say “Hi”.


After Evan checked out the surf, he talked to a local who gave us some tips on where to dinghy in and that one of the restaurant owners was super friendly and we could even leave into town and he would meanwhile watch the dinghy. We took his advise, Evan went surfing on this little wave that lasted forever and Mats and myself chilled a little by the restaurant. San Blas grew more and more on me!

DSCF7840DSCF7842DSCF7843DSCF7849 2DSCF7851DSCF7852DSCF7857

These ladies liked our dinghy for some posing… 🙂


This guy was fascinating!


We stayed about 3 days in San Blas, stocked up on provisions and ice, as we were than planning to head to Isla Isabel before crossing Sea de Cortez. The weather looked good for it.

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