Isla Isabel on our return-MOVIE TIME!



We had to motor quite a bit out of San Blas and it was shallow for the first 10 miles. Luckily there were some cruising boats ahead of us and this way we were able to find out about a fishing long line and managed to stay on a better course and not having to make a 5 mile detour, like the other boat in front of us.

We had a good sail, had a big fish on the line, which we lost, but than we caught a perfect size Mackerel, which we had for dinner with some rice after our arrival. There were way more boats in the anchorage and we didn’t really like the spot we had to anchor. But it worked out ok for that night.DSCF7895DSCF7900DSCF7905DSCF7908DSCF7909 DSCF7914

And here the clip from our next day by the beach. IT WAS SO SUPER!


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