La Cruz


Besides having our boat in the boatyard, La Cruz was a small enjoyable place to stay. We found a nice Airbnb and soon started to great people here and there, it felt homie. The Marina was nice, had a small pool and a good stocked little store.

The Marina also had a Kids Club, where Mats joined a project one Tuesday afternoon and was shy at first but than had a lot of fun.

Our Airbnb was right on the Plaza, with a little church and a Market on Sundays, where we were able to watch lots of people get together. Really a fun little place, we will be back!

But now after a trial in the Marina for a couple days to see if our boat stays dry, off again for a small trip to Punta Mita (visit Nr. 2), to meet up with friends, surf a little and to enjoy a bit of our cruising lifestyle again. It has been a busy week in La Cruz and also a bit stressful, never know what the next day brings, when your boat is in the yard.

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