Is only about 45 minutes from Enger. The Captain’s aunt and uncle live there, so of course we had to go see them.

We met at the Hannover Tennis club, even Evan’s cousin managed to stop by. We had some lunch and enjoyed being together. Mats had a good time at the playground and we than followed the great suggestion to visit the Hannover Zoo, which has a great reputation.

Mmh…. similarities?

Again, the Captain did seem to make some friends here…

We have been spoiled during our visit from our generous families. Reina, Horst and their kids were no exceptions. We felt so fortunate and hope we can give back, if they manage to come see us! Hannover Zoo was so much fun. The polar Baer playing with a ball underwater, the Nilpferd, the little boat tour, the goats which almost destroyed my silk pants with there horns, when they tried to get some food I had pulled out of a machine to treat them.

After a last beer at the playground, Reina and Horst said there good bye’s and we soon headed back to Enger.