Another beautiful place to visit is Colmar. It is smaller than Strasbourg, also has a Campground right in town. The River Ill is also running through Colmar, which gives the town a Venice like flair. This time, we did not do a river tour, although the boats looked way more romantic than the way bigger tour boats in Strasbourg.


We were very happy about the cool affordable Campground. They had a huge field right next to the River Ill, to pick your favorable spot. Shade was limited, so the first ones taken were the ones close to trees or bushes. We were lucky to find a spot like that, which also happened to be close to a power supply and “private”. Just like Strasbourg, every time we woke up, we decided to just stay one more day. Gosh, it was priceless to have that time and luxury to just do that! 🙂 Our year “Off” ! Let’s keep it in mind again and again. Who knows what tomorrow brings, right?

Several visits to the pool gave us the option to cool down on those hot days and Mats time to enjoy what he loves so much. Swim and play.


And even though the German Team was out, we continued enjoying watching soccer matches and picked new favorable Teams, Iceland was mine, the Captain rooted for England.