Strasbourg, Alsace-France

On our way towards the south of Germany, to spend some more time with my Dad and also return his cool Campervan, we detoured one more time via Cologne to see my brother and family, which was super nice, than continued to France.

I think we were mostly excited to see Strasbourg. They have a Campground in town, which also had a pool. We were able to walk into town in about 30 minutes. Happy that we had Mats stroller, it was possible to walk longer distances. With the world cup schedule in mind, we timed our visits to be able to either watch a soccer match in town in combination with some sightseeing, or we watched back at the Campground in the Game room in the evenings.


Same look on the face:


The Cathidral of Notre Dame downtown Strasbourg was indeed impressive and I stared at it and had to take many pictures. What a building!


Strasbourg is gorgeous! The river Ill is flowing through the city and we did a fun boats tour to learn more about the city. Mats was having the longest flirt with a cute girl sitting in the row in front of him and even though the sun was burning down on us, he was captivated with her. It was fun to watch.


The last picture was taken when I was still all smiles about the German Team playing. Little did I know, that this was the last time I would see them in the world cup 2018! 😦 Did the Captain have an idea, as he happily wore the French colors the bartender had given to us? Throughout the game, every time the bartender passed our table, he shook his head and said: ” It doesn’t look good… ”  ARGH, he was right.

We stayed about 3 days before we continued our journey.