Eguisheim, Alsace-France

We left Colmar and planned a visit to Eguisheim, before leaving France. The cute little towns of France have there charm and this one was no exception. I was always surprised how lovely the people arranged there front doors, so much detail and love and no fear of vandalism. It was a pleasure just strolling through little alleys and enjoying some yummy breakfast.


On the main plaza once again we were surprised about all those storks who had build there nests on the roofs. It was a good year for them!


I remember well, having a special moment with Mats inside the church. We sat down quietly and I explained him why people light candles in here and why they get together and pray. He was just sitting there quietly and did not want to leave. There was an Opera with a women’s voice singing and I should probably know, what it was exactly. Mats said, the music is so nice, I would like to listen to it some more. I though, that was so adorable and we sat a little longer, just being in the moment. 🙂