The Chateau de Haut-Koenigsbourg

After we visited Strasbourg with the impressive Cathedral, we felt like visiting a castle. We spend a night in a Campground at Gerardmer, which turned out to be very windy and cold. Chatting with my Dad who knows the area well, he recommended the Chateau de Haut/Koenigsbourg  and even though we had to backtrack a bit, we decided for it, before making our way to Colmar. The Chateau was absolutely worth the visit.

It was up on a mountain and after a climb with our van and additional good walk from the parking, we arrived. Mats enjoyed discovering it as much as we did.


After finishing our visit of the castle and a well deserved ice cream, we found a Campground, which had a spot available right next to there playground. All of a sudden we saw this stork and soon noticed, that they seem to be regular guests at the Campground. It was wild.